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Octombrie 18, 2010



Piece of the mounth

Octombrie 18, 2010


Grounds and divisions

Octombrie 18, 2010

o sursă pentru tabulaturi AICI.

Amflificarea lăutei, cum se poate auzi o lăută mai bine?

Octombrie 18, 2010


Classical Guitar Construction

Octombrie 13, 2010


How to make a lute in five minutes

Octombrie 10, 2010


Septembrie 27, 2010


Announcing a new lute website

August 5, 2010

Announcing a new lute website.

Modern (post 1815) and Contemporary Lute Music

Lynda Sayce and Susan King have created a website whose aim is to list all lute music for the western lute, written after 1815.

The site gives the title, instruments & composer and publisher details. The site also lists records and CDs.

Currently it lists 100 pieces.

This is a very small beginning.

The site will be updated constantly until the 17th August and from then on updates will be made once a month.

We know there are still 1000’s of modern pieces for lute that do not yet appear on the site.

You can help by checking out the site and if you know of a piece or CD that isn’t listed, fill in the Contact Form with the details and we will add it in the next update.

Many thanks
Susan King and Lynda Sayce

Gilbert Isbin

Iulie 26, 2010

Gilbert este lutenist şi nu numai , dar un lutenist care are proiecte foarte interesante. Scrie muzică modernă pentru lăută şi nu numai.

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Tablaturi pentru aranjamente

Iunie 22, 2010